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PORTA-JAZZ: Sábado, 25 março - Miguel Ângelo Quarteto // Segunda, 27 março - Lançamento CD - Rui Filipe Freitas Sexteto


Sala Porta-Jazz 
Sábado, 25 março
19h00 & 22H00
concerto: 5 eur / 3 eur membros *


João Guimarães - saxofone alto
Joaquim Rodrigues - piano
Miguel Ângelo - contrabaixo
Marcos Cavaleiro - bateria

Miguel Ângelo Quarteto apresenta o seu segundo álbum "A VIDA DE X", constituído por dez composições inspiradas em personagens fictícias ou em histórias imaginárias ou reais a que o quarteto deu vida e espera que cada ouvinte crie a sua própria visão e, desta forma, ganhe uma nova vida. 

A VIDA DE X não é uma simples vida, é um emaranhado delas!...

«This is an album that beguiles gradually rather than being an instant infatuation. It is like the friend you feel comfortable with, who is unobtrusive yet steadfast, and whose worth is proven over time. Those are the people to keep close, and this is an album to value—great stuff.» @ AllAboutJazz by Phil Barnes

«...Miguel Ângelo assina dez temas com personalidade bem definida... o contrabaixista segue as linhas que já tinha exposto no disco de estreia, Branco - uma música franca, directa e intensa.» @ Publico.pt by Nuno Catarino

A VIDA DE X foi eleito pelo crítico Phil Barnes e pela revista Jazz.pt como um dos melhores discos de Jazz de 2016.

Sábados 19:00 & 22:00

1 Abril - João Mortágua "Dentro da Janela" 
João Mortágua - saxofones alto e soprano
José Pedro Coelho - saxofone tenor
Miguel Moreira - guitarra
José Carlos Barbosa - contrabaixo e baixo elétrico 
José Marrucho - bateria

8 Abril - A Incerteza de Um Trio Certo
AP - guitarra
Diogo Dinis - contrabaixo
Miguel Sampaio - bateria

15 Abril - Tonom Trio
Julius Gabriel - saxofones
João Paulo Rosado - contrabaixo
José Marrucho - bateria

22 Abril - Quarteto de Vasco Agostinho
Rui Teixeira - saxofones
Vasco Agostinho - guitarra
José Carlos Barbosa - contrabaixo
Marcos Cavaleiro - bateria

29 Abril - Ricardo Coelho Quartet
Ricardo Coelho - Vibrafone
Mané Fernandes - Guitarra

Auditório da FEUP
- entrada livre - 

27 março, 21:30 
Rui Filipe Freitas Sexteto - "Axis Mundi"
Rui Filipe Freitas - vibrafone
José Pedro Coelho - saxofone tenor e clarinete-baixo  
João Mortágua - saxofone alto e saxofone soprano
Mané Fernandes - guitarra
Filipe Teixeira - contrabaixo
João Martins - bateria

18 abril, 21:30
The Nada
João Guimarães - saxofone
Eurico Costa - guitarra
Simon Jermyn - baixo
José Marrucho - bateria

18 maio, 21:30
AP Quarteto
AP - guitarra
Carlos Azevedo - piano
Filipe Teixeira - contrabaixo
Acácio Salero - bateria

19 junho, 21:30
João Mortágua "AXES"
João Mortágua - saxofone alto e soprano
José Soares - saxofone alto
Hugo Ciríaco - saxofone tenor 
Rui Teixeira - saxofone barítono e clarinete baixo
Pedro Vasconcelos - bateria e percussões
Alex Lázaro - bateria e percussões

Centro Cultural de Vila das Aves
- entrada livre -

1 abril, 21:30 - Renato Dias Trio
Renato Dias - guitarra
Filipe Teixeira - contrabaixo
Filipe Monteiro - bateria

16 junho, 21:30 - AP Quarteto
AP - guitarra
Carlos Azevedo - piano
Filipe Teixeira - contrabaixo
Acácio Salero - bateria

1 julho, 21:30 - Rui Filipe Freitas Sexteto
Rui Filipe Freitas - vibrafone
José Pedro Coelho - saxofone tenor e clarinete-baixo  
João Mortágua - saxofone alto e saxofone soprano
Mané Fernandes - guitarra
Filipe Teixeira - contrabaixo
João Martins - bateria

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Cuneiform Artists on Tour - March 2017

March 23-26 - Big Ears Festival
Knoxville, TN

April 27 - Jazzahead! 2017
Bremen, Germany

Listen to Out Of The Blue

July 31 - Beat Kitchen
2100 W. Belmont Ave - Chicago, IL 60618 [opening for Free Salamander Exhibit!]

September 15-17 - Rock In Opposition Festival
Cap D'ecouverte - Le Garric 81450, France

May 15 - Songbyrd
2477 18th St NW - Washington, DC 20009 (202) 450-2917

Listen to Super Petite

March 26 - Saxstall
Pohrsdorf, Germany [with Edi Nulz]

Bern, Switzerland [with Edi Nulz]

May 6 - Apollo
Shimo-Kitazawa - Tokyo, Japan

May 7 - Gig
Yokohama, Japan

May 8 - Star Eyes
Nagoya, Japan

May 9 - Mokkiriya
Kanazawa, Japan

Kyoto, Japan

May 11 - Left Alone
Ashiya, Kobe, Japan

May 13 - Bird
Hiroshima, Japan

May 14 - Candy
Chiba, Japan

Meguro, Tokyo, Japan

May 16 - Airegin
Yokohama, Japan

June 11 - Hot Club Ghent
Ghent, Belgium

TILT out in May!

March 22 - Rye Bar
247 South 1st Street - Brooklyn, NY - 10:30

May 14 - The Legion Bar
790 Metropolitan Ave - Brooklyn, NY - 9:00

April 13 - Jazz Spot Candy
Chiba, Japan

April 14 - Velvet Sun
Tokyo, Japan

April 15 - tbd
Tokyo, Japan

April 16 - Nanya
Nogoya, Japan

April 17 - Big Apple
Kobe, Japan

April 18 - Pepperland
Okayama, Japan

April 19 - Jazz Riverside
Fukuoka, Japan

May 3 - Vortex
London, UK

May 4 - Vortex
London, UK

May 5 - Blue Orange Theatre
Birmingham, UK

May 6 - Fuse Art Space
Bradford, UK

May 7 - The Bridge Hotel

May 8 - Bramley's Bar
Canterbury, UK

May 12 - Jazztage Goerlitz
Goerlitz, UK

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April 6 - Bar Django
Thorvald Meyers gate 25 - 0555 Oslo, Norway

April 8 - Nordic Black Theatre
Hollendergata 8 - 0190 Oslo, Norway

April 29 - Jazz & Cookin' Festival
Veles e Vents, Marina Real Juan Carlos I
46024 València, Spain - 17:00

June 7 - Palau de la Musica
Passeig de l'Albereda, 30
46023 València, Spain - 20:00

July 14 - White Night Music Joint
Fontanka river embankment, 59 - Saint Petersburg, Russia

July 15 - Petrojazz Festival
St Petersburg, Russia

September 7 - Amstel Arts
Veles e Vents, Marina Real Juan Carlos I
46024 València, Spain - 19:00

Listen to Bye

March 29 - Satellite
Los Angeles, CA

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March 25 – Wadada Leo Smith & Angelica Sanchez
Greenwich House - NYC, NY

45 Crown St - New Haven, CT 06510

45 Crown St - New Haven, CT 06510

June 8 – Wadada Leo Smith & Vijay Iyer - Ojai Music Festival
Libbey Bowl - Ojai, CA

June 15 – Wadada Leo Smith & Vijay Iyer - Zellerbach Hall
Berkeley, CA

July 18  – Wadada Leo Smith & Vijay Iyer - Molde Jazz Festival
Newport, RI

August 4 – Wadada Leo Smith & Vijay Iyer - Newport Jazz Festival
Newport, RI

October 13 – Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet
performing 'Ten Freedom Summers' - tab - Houston, TX

October 14 – Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet
performing 'Ten Freedom Summers' - tab - Austin, TX

October 15 – Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet
performing 'Ten Freedom Summers' - tab - New Orleans, LA

April 12 - Amityville Music Hall
Amityville, NY [opening for Thank You Scientist]

April 14 - Monty Hall
Jersey City, NJ [opening for Thank You Scientist]

April 18 - The Shelter
Detroit, MI [opening for Thank You Scientist]

April 19 - Mac's Bar
Lansing, MI [opening for Thank You Scientist]

April 20 - Shank Hall
Milwaukee, WI [opening for Thank You Scientist]

April 21 - The House Cafe
Dekalb, IL [opening for Thank You Scientist]

April 22 - Blue Moose Taphouse
Iowa City, IA [opening for Thank You Scientist]

April 23 - The Bottleneck
Lawrence, KS [opening for Thank You Scientist]

280 Fenway - Boston, MA [opening for Ruby Rose Fox]

May 6 - Waiting Room
Buffalo, NY [opening for Thank You Scientist]

May 7 - The Haunt
Ithaca, NY [opening for Thank You Scientist]

May 9 - The Ottobar
Baltimore, MD [opening for Thank You Scientist]

May 10 - Chameleon Club
Lancaster, PA [opening for Thank You Scientist]

May 11 - Canal Club
Richmond, VA [opening for Thank You Scientist]

May 12 - Motorco Music Hall
Durham, NC [opening for Thank You Scientist]

May 18-21 - FIMAV
Victoriaville, Quebec G6P 6T3 - Canada

Listen to Say So

September 22 - tba
Hamburg, Germany

September 24 - tba
Scarbourough, UK

October 19 - Berklee School of Music
Boston, MA

September 15-17 - Rock In Opposition Festival
Cap D'ec

Laura Dubin Trio Live at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival New CD Show @ Club Bonafide 4/30/17

Laura Dubin Trio
CD Release Concert
Live at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

Sunday, April 30th
Set Times: 7:30-8:30 pm (one set only)
Club Bonafide
212 East 52nd Street
New York NY, 10022
(between 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave, closer to 3rd Ave)
(646) 918-6189
$10, plus 2 drink minimum for table service

Mike Forfia (bass)
Antonio Guerrero (drums)

Imagine how fulfilling it must be for a musician to grow up under the influence of your hometown’s major jazz festival, travel around the world in quest of musical development, and then return to your hometown to perform at that same festival. Then, take it a step further and imagine delivering a triumphant performance that brings down the house. Well that’s exactly what happened for the remarkable pianist Laura Dubin, fully evidenced with her extraordinary new album, Laura Dubin Trio Live at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival.

In the company of her life and musical partner, brilliant drummer Antonio H. Guerrero, and the outstanding bassist Kieran Hanlon, Laura’s trio embodies the essence of synergy and unity of purpose that is essential for jazz and all creative music at its highest level. Each piece is thoroughly conceived and structured to provide a fully conceptual canvas to paint the pictures of adventurous exploration and spontaneity that are at the heart of Laura’s music.  

Laura’s consummate skills as a pianist are deeply steeped in the entire tradition of jazz piano, giving her a total command of the vernacular. Combining this with her mastery of the western classical piano tradition, her stunning musicianship is on full display throughout. It’s never in any showy or ostentatious manner, but rather in her being able to deftly apply her flawless technique in the perfect manner to tell the compelling stories she depicts through her artistry.

Guerrero and Hanlon are the ideal partners – not sidemen, but rather collaborators. Guerrero anticipates every nuance of Laura’s playing, dancing a pas de deux with her at all times, while Hanlon provides the thrust and body that buoys the music while also setting it free. Their interplay is marvelous and their solo segments are fully conceived within the musical structure – Guerrero’s often powered by Laura’s support, and Hanlon’s always lyrical and fluid, with his arco playing cello-like in its alluring texture.

The repertoire is truly enchanting – calling upon so much of what has been so influential upon Laura from both the jazz and classical side, not only in terms of the specific pieces, but also connected with those who have been so essential to the development of her own musical vision. The 21 tracks include 27 separate compositions, including ten Dubin originals – all imaginative and beautifully crafted– and a rich assortment of classics from the repertoires of jazz, the Great American Songbook and European classical composers.

Two timeless classical works – Mozart’s Sonata No. 11 “Rondo alla Turca” and Beethoven’s Sonata No. 8 “Pathetique” – are vividly re-imagined; the Beethoven interwoven with a variety of Songbook themes, and the Mozart an excursion into boogie-woogie, stride, barrelhouse, bebop and swing.

Three more classical works are contained within five medleys, each integrated together seamlessly into a unified whole. A punchy take on Ravel’s Prelude from Le Tombeau de Couperin melds with a Latin-tinged excursion on Rodgers & Hammerstein’s My Favorite Things; an evolved version of Chopin’s Minute Waltz is birthed from a captivating musing on Ellington’s gorgeous Prelude to a Kiss; and a beautifully poignant rendition of Debussy’s Reflets dans l’eau blends with the equally exquisite Gershwin masterpiece Our Love Is Here to Stay. 

The other two medleys reflect upon another element that is present throughout the album – homage to some of Laura’s deepest inspirations. Three of her favorite Chick Corea pieces – No Mystery/Now He Sings, Now He Sobs/Spain – are combined for a sumptuous feast; and Bill Evans is offered her personal heartfelt tribute with her own composition Waltz for Bill, morphing into an upbeat take on Cole Porter’s It’s De-Lovely.

The spirit of homage continues with a solo jaunt on Fats Waller’s Handful of Keys incorporating stride, barrelhouse, waltz and touches of Erroll Garner and Bach; and three originals – Kelly Green, a sojourn in bouncy blues quite appropriate to its subject Wynton Kelly; Invention for Nina, evoking the spirit of Bach for his great admirer, the glorious Ms. Simone; and a tribute to Laura’s primary influence, Oscar Peterson, in the confident easy swing of Ode to O.P.

Oscar’s influence is also on display in the up-tempo album opener, Steve Allen’s This Could Be the Start of Something Big; Gershwin on tap again for I Got Rhythm with a modern and modal twist; and blazing the proper mode for Michel Camilo’s Latin burner On Fire; while Donald Brown’s New York has the vehement in-your face quality of its namesake in both composition and performance.

Six more of Laura’s originals comprise the remainder of this terrific album, including the up-tempo smoker Green Arrow; the grooving romp Something’s Cookin’ ; the appropriately rumbling and tumultuous Thunderstorm with Laura in McCoy Tyner-ish intensity; and Doc Z, based on the chords of Sonny Rollins Doxy with Laura in the blues mode of Oscar, with a nice touch of Red Garland in tow. Reprised from Laura’s acclaimed debut album Introducing the Laura Dubin Trio (as is Ode to O.P.) are Anxiety, driven by infectious bass ostinatos and the rollicking album closer Barcelona, alternating between scorching and swinging with Laura in that Spanish chord drive in the manner of McCoy on Coltrane’s spectacular Olé.

A splendid expedition from start to finish, this radiant music is marked by another element that is so important – a sense of sheer joyousness in the spirited essence of making music.

Press Contact

Jim Eigo Jazz Promo Services
Ph: 845-986-1677 / jim@jazzpromoservices.com

"Specializing in Media Campaigns for the music community, artists, labels, venues and events.”

iCasi - Clunk (IRMA RECORDS 2017)

I Casi nascono nel 2013 a Milano come tributo alla formazione pianoless di Gerry Mulligan e Chet Baker, ma Il progetto viene presto abbandonato per dare spazio all’esigenza di proporre composizioni originali da parte di tutti i membri del gruppo.

Nei due anni successivi la band ha modo di esibirsi ed emergere all’interno del panorama musicale milanese e italiano, producendo autonomamente due dischi che li porteranno a partecipare e vincere, nel 2015, la prima edizione del Maletto Prize.

Casi è un’opera di Daniil Charms. Una collezione di racconti visionari che descrivono una realtà concreta, apparentemente non connessi tra loro pur facendo parte dello stesso assurdo e multi sfaccettato scenario.

Clunk, anche titolo di una delle storie raccontate da Charms, è il risultato di una ricerca collettiva volta a valorizzare e fare propri i diversi linguaggi musicali che più hanno influenzato i quattro musicisti. 13 brani che, toccando differenti generi, racchiudono in un insieme organico le eclettiche intenzioni dei loro compositori, trasformando la sperimentazione tipicamente jazzistica in una sintesi volutamente meno articolata ma, al contempo, innovativa.

1. Attenti al loop
2. Il maggiordomo
3. Sublimare
4. Huffy
5. Il nemigo
6. Perspiration
7. Pitaghiros
8. Serratura
9. Art's Dream
10. Domande
11. Risposte
12. GB
13. Casbah di Porta Genova

Jonah Levine Collective - Attention Deficit (WORLD GALAXY RECORDS 2017)

West coast jazz music is alive and well, with many entities in the movement breaking open doors with magnetic force and luminous brilliance. From Kamasi Washington to Terrace Martin and Esperanza Spalding to Miguel Atwood Ferguson, the west coast is bubbling with new energy in the jazz idiom. The voices creating the next wave of timeless music is here and the melting pot of composers leading the charge continues to expand by the year. 

Jonah Levine is next up, bridging a vast level of knowledge, skill and creativity over the trombone and piano. Launching out of the gates this year with full speed and momentum, Jonah has signed with the Alpha Pup Records’ jazz imprint World Galaxy. The debut album, Attention Deficit, will drop March 17, 2017 and follows up stellar World Galaxy releases from Ronald Bruner Jr., Josef Leimberg and Miles Mosley. 

With dynamic harmonies and rhythms sprawling over every track, the flaring solos and pensive layering of minds carries an adventurous sense of oneness over the entire Attention Deficit LP. Iman Omari and MNDSGN flip the energy of the album into a futuristic spiral, blending the ethos of modern soul and electronica with the complex nature of Jonah’s writing style. Aditya Prakash pushes the sonic identity even further, adding in the deep traditions of Indian Classical music to an already eclectic and otherworldly affair. Ending the LP, we find the Jonah Levine Collective diving into a technically expansive and emotionally climactic cover of Kendrick Lamar’s “For Free.” The compositional scope on Attention Deficit travels the world and beyond, putting emphasis on the all encompassing search for knowledge many people from this generation are seeking. As the title suggests, the cosmology of Attention Deficit’s music hemispheres shift vastly from piece to piece, showing the totality of the band’s spirit in a uniquely amorphous and beautiful light. 

Jonah Levine’s time studying under jazz legends such as Kenny Burrell and James Newton reveals an important road towards the creation and release of Attention Deficit. Time spent with Anderson .Paak before his career shifted towards stardom is another important road. All of Jonah’s collaborative access points over the years have been integral elements to the creation of Attention Deficit, including recordings and live stints with Leonard Cohen, The Game, Ed Sheeran, Anderson .Paak, Josef Leimberg, Nx Worries, MNDSGN, Iman Omari, Ryan Leslie, Jeff Parker, Bennie Maupin, Chris "Daddy" Dave, George Watsky and Shafiq Husayn. All of these voices and more carry influence over Attention Deficit, brought together with a culturally integrated collective that includes Emile Martinez (trumpet, flugelhorn), Josh Johnson (alto saxophone), Owen Clapp (upright & electric bass), Jonathan Pinson (drums) and Kiefer Shackelford (piano). 

In whatever mode Jonah Levine is creating in from day to day, there’s a constant dedication in adding beauty to the modern art-form of music. Attention Deficit is a jump off point in that regard and speaks a truly unique language from his collective. Pick up Attention Deficit across CD and digital platforms March 17, 2017 and support the continued ascension of west coast jazz music.